Tuition & Fees

The following is for Grades K-8 for the 2013-2014 school year.Tuition rates will be published within the next 4 weeks as they have not been set yet for the upcoming school year.Members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church:
1st Child –
2nd Child –
Additional –Members of sister WELS or ELS Congregation:
Per Child –Non-member:
Per Child -Tuition and other school fees are set by the Board of Education. The Board does not want cost to keep any child from a Christian education. Any family that feels it will have difficulty covering these costs is asked to contact the Board of Education (through Mr. Sellnow) before the beginning of the school year to make alternative arrangements. If financial circumstances change during the school year which create severe financial hardship, the Board of Education (through Mr. Sellnow) should be notified as soon as possible. The Board of Education requests the following payment schedule from those who do not pay in full at registration or by the beginning of the school year:In August, school fees such as milk, religion materials, technology fees, activity/equipment fees, and cleaning fees must be paid. The rest of the school bill will be divided into nine installments from June through March. Monthly bills will be sent as reminders.

Classroom book orders, school pictures, yearbooks, field trips that cost money, and interscholastic activities such as piano and sports may not be available to those who are more than one month behind in school payments.

Although cases may be considered on an individual basis, students with outstanding bills may not be allowed to register for the following school year.

The cost of education at Holy Trinity Lutheran School is about $6000 per student per year.  Tuition has been set by the Board of Education at $3300 per student for the 2017-18 school year.  The rest of the cost is covered by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  Some discounts may apply and a limited amount of tuition assistance is available.  Please contact the Principal for details.  We do not want cost to keep a family from receiving a Lutheran education.  Besides tuition, the following fees may apply:

Equipment/Activity Fee: @ $40

Technology Fee: @ $75

Cleaning Fee:
First Child: @ $125
Additional Child: @ $25

Child Care Licensing:
Per Family @ $10

Religion Materials (* if needed)
Christ-Light  gr. K-4 @ $35
Christian Worship hymnal*  gr. 3-8 @ $25
NIV Bible*  gr. 3-8 @ $8
Catechism Lessons  gr. 5-6 @ $35
Blue Catechism*  gr. 7-8 @ $24

Milk (* if ordered)
Chocolate @ $60
White @ $60